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Simultaneous Sound System

For simultaneous interpretation, a cabin and a separate sound system must be installed in the meeting room. Headphones are distributed to the participants at the entrance and the participants can listen to the translation through these headphones. For shorter outdoor events or in mobile situations, translation can be made using a mobile translation system called "infoport", but this system can only be used in small groups and at distances where the audience is close.

There is no need for technical equipment and booth setup for consecutive translation.

The cost of the technical setup consists of fixed and variable items. Equipment that needs to be installed regardless of the number of participants constitutes the fixed price item, and elements such as the number of headphones and microphones constitute the variable price item.  In order for us to give you the most accurate price, when you click the Make a Reservation button below, please enter as many details about your event as possible in the form. 

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