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Profesyonel Simultane ve Ardıl Çevirmenler

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Interpreters Directly

Professional Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters

About Us

This site is created by conference interpreters and here you can directly reach the translators and procure services without any intermediaries. The translators registered in this platform are experts in their field.

As conference interpreters, we have adopted the principle of providing direct service in the translation industry. In this respect, we have established long-term relationships with our solution partners and have successfully completed many projects by exceeding the demands of our clients.


We provide consecutive and simultaneous translation services in many languages, where we adopt a flexible and solution-oriented approach. We operate in many domestic and international cities and locations, particularly in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir, Our staff is composed of only the best translators in the sector, each of whom has over 15 years of experience on the job.

Services We Offer

Profesyonel Simultane ve Ardıl Çevirmenler
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Simultaneous Translation

Here, you can contact translators and hire their services directly without any intermediaries. The select translators you will reach on this website are the best in their field with at least 15 years of experience.

Technical Setup

For the simultaneous translation service a translation booth needs to be set up together with a dedicated sound system. The participants are provided with headsets and listen to the interpretation from their headsets.

Simultane Ses Sistemi


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